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About COVE17



Born out of honest, hardworking East London values, our Concept Barbershops have their place at the heart of the community. An homage to the ‘Golden Age of Barbering’, they offer an alternative space to gather, linger and enjoy an attentive service in surroundings that are carefully curated to delight the senses. 

These spaces have been uniquely fashioned to accommodate the depth of our concept by coexisting with our event spaces, coffeehouse and backdrops for all types of artistic expressions. 

Our barbering showcases the most diverse and emerging talent in London. Each store is led by individuals who believe in the art of classic barbering and are dedicated to mastering their craft in order to provide the best experience for any individual male or female who wants the COVE17 experience. Knowledge & Mastery of barbering forms part of our ethos. 

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